Mia Kimmy

First Impressions

Mia Kimmy is 18 years old and she looks it. Her body is slim and her face adorable. She oozes youthfulness and she wants you to get all excited at her teasing content. She wants you to check out her beautiful tits and her sexy ass and then she wants you to whip it out and jerk your meat. Doesn´t that sound like fun? I like her cherubic face and the naughtiness that seems to rest beneath the surface. Put her behind the camera and that naughtiness seems to come right out. Now that´s a good time for everyone.

Hot Promises

Mia Kimmy is a stripping sensation. Her tease features exclusive pictures and videos of this amateur chick (although she´s not technically an amateur if she´s making money off the site). The tour fills you in on the fact that the videos and picture galleries are high resolution and downloadable. You also get to see many naked pictures and videos of the beautiful girl and they are all quite alluring. It´s unclear if she gets fully nude and shows her box in the member´s area so I´ll have to go inside to check on that.


Mia Kimmy´s site opens with her latest picture galleries and videos being teased. You also get to see that a new photo set is added every seven days and that the videos haven´t been updated since the site launched in October 2008. That´s a little disappointing. They´ve also managed to cram advertisements for eight sites on that main page. They make it a little bit confusing when you´re searching for the content. You might end up clicking on the wrong thing since they sort of mask it.

The videos are a tiny section at Mia Kimmy so I went to the picture galleries first. They´ve got them listed by month so everything starts in October 2008 when the site went live. That month they added 18 picture galleries all at once. It was the launch content and it was a pretty tasty treat. My favorite set shows Mia posing in a marabou trim yellow baby doll with a tiara on her head. It´s a wonderful little piece of lingerie and it manages to be teasing and revealing at the same time. She´s got a smirk on her face throughout most of the set because she loves how she feels in it.

That first month also does a good job of setting the tone for what´s to come from Mia Kimmy. That lingerie set is just one of many types of galleries she produced. In another she´s wearing a cute and comfy zip up sweatshirt with a hood, tight red panties and a sexy pair of red socks. She looks warm and adorable and she´s doing a striptease. Another set opens with her topless wearing a necklace, an incredibly short skirt and fishnet stockings. That´s highly sexual compared to the cuteness of the previous gallery. You´ll also see her in a sheer blouse, a shiny club dress that belongs on a stripper because it´s got a lot of see through parts and a cute long sleeve tee among other things.

The point is that Mia Kimmy does a little bit of everything for her members. She can be the cute teenage girl trying to play up her innocence and youth and she can be the sexpot trying to seduce any man that makes his way into her member´s area. If you were looking for one or the other you might be disappointed but the girls that only do one thing tend to get a little boring and the content gets really repetitive.

Most sets have around 50 pictures and the thumbnails are too small at 120px high (at least they were too small for me). That´s a small issue though. I´m not a big fan of the Flash browsing program where the picture opens in an overlay, basically. It´s not a terrible idea but it means that you can´t save individual images. If you want a particular shot on your hard drive or you want Mia Kimmy as your background you´ll have to download the zip file and search through it for that one image. It´s hard to fathom that they didn´t think people would want to save individual pictures. It´s not like the Flash viewing program makes browsing the pictures a whole lot easier. They should scrap it.

There are currently 46 image galleries at Mia Kimmy and she´s updating once a week. Considering that the videos haven´t been updated since launch that´s not enough content. They´re asking you to pay $34.95/month and if you´re sticking around for more than 30 days you´re basically paying $7-9 for each new photo gallery. It might not be worth sticking around for the long term but if you don´t go for at least a month you won´t get to see the fabulous gallery where Mia dresses up in a French maid´s outfit and does a little cleaning before stripping and showing us the hot body underneath.

On the tour it was unclear if Mia Kimmy showed her teen pussy in side but browsing through a few picture galleries revealed that she does indeed bare the box. It doesn´t happen in every gallery but when she brings out her snatch it´s a thing of beauty. She keeps it shaved so she looks even younger and it´s awfully beautiful. You will definitely want to lean in there and lick her like a madman.

By my count there are seven galleries where Mia Kimmy poses with other girls. The best of them features three chicks in costumes. Mia is dressed as the French maid, one girl is a nurse and the other is a latex Catwoman. It sounds totally awesome and it is. The girls get naked together and three is always better than one so it´s a hot set. None of the girl-girl scenes feature lesbian action though. It´s more like hot chicks fooling around than it is hot chicks eating pussy and kissing and sucking tits. They´re rubbing and touching and getting nude together. It´s nice but it´s not Earth shattering stuff.

It´s a shame there aren´t more videos because they´re awfully entertaining. In my favorite the cutie does a striptease for us and then lets the man behind the camera grope her body. He rubs his hands over her tits and plays with her pussy a little bit and in terms of pure arousal it´s just as hot as anything in the picture sets. That kind of rubbing happens in most of the sets in fact. Sometimes she´s rubbing her own snatch and sometimes it´s him. She´s dirtier than she is in the picture galleries.

Croco´s Opinion

Mia Kimmy is a good site that´s hampered by the price and the lack of any bonus content. They´re charging $34.95, which is more than most porn sites and they´re giving you 46 picture sets and 6 videos. It´s not a good cost to benefit ratio. However, Mia is a tasty little babe and she delivers a surprising variety of content types. In one scene she´s modeling a very sexy baby doll and in the next a cute sweatshirt. She mixes it up and when she´s done your head will be spinning with arousal. This girl is pretty easy to love. Her videos are few but they offer spectacular entertainment that I know you can get excited about.


The videos offer only one screenshot for each. That´s disappointing and annoying in a big way. Everything else is fine.

Pricing Policy

$34.95 for 30 days and $69.95 for 90 days.

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